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He was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, on July 27, 1977, a descendant of Italians on his father's side, and Spanish on his mother's, he lived in Argentina until he was 25 when he moved with part of his family to Italy, he has always had a soul of artist, and a powerful need to tell stories, when she turned 27 she decided to go live in Spain, she worked as a dance teacher for many years, at 40 she immersed herself in the world of cinema, she studied film directing at the Escuela de Cine de Málaga, screenwriter, and colorist at Davinci Resolve, he began writing series and short films, in 2019 he meets a famous director (Philip Noyce) who, through a Zoom, encourages him to shoot his own short film and participate in an important festival from Australia, where people from all over the world were going to participate, Silvia Sandra Martini, decides to produce her own short film called Virtuous Circle, it was produced with a very low budget, and in times of pandemic, but that did not stop her, and it was finali sta of the festival in Australia in 2020, he could not travel because it was not allowed due to the pandemic, but his strength grew, along with his imagination, and he began to create shorts and pilot chapters for series, since then he has not stopped working, I think shorts such as: Do good without looking at who (2020), Inspire, breathe, trust (Created for a festival, roll with Wheel) 2020, PILOT CHAPTER Amnesia (2021-2022) ready to premiere, and in pre-production of the next pilot chapter for another series, which he trusts will be a success called LA MUERTE (2022-2023) He signed a contract to direct his first feature film that is in pre-production. (All for Amelia), in which he has poured himself in mind and body to carry out with great success (2022-2023). A director is much more than directing, it is loving the art of creating life, bringing that written story to light, and making the public fall in love with that creation.

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